Videos**, Zorra Cosmetics, and IMATS!!!!!

     ~Hey guys, I know its stupid that I only write like every week and a half (maybe) but I don’t have very many people who look at my blog. When I get more people, I will post more often. Does anyone know a good way to get my blog out there?

    ** Anyway, I wanted to talk about videos! I want to do videos, but I don’t have a video camera. I want to buy one but I am saving all my money for IMATS ( I’ll talk about that further down.) So maybe I can use my mom’s and start making videos to put on here and Youtube. So I will start doing those as soon as I get a camera. If you guys would comment on what you want to see, I will make it happen.

     -Now for Zorra Cosmetics. This is a lady who is a friend of my mom and a entrepreneur of makeup. She has done this for a while and figured out how to make her own so she did. I am a representative of this line and I thought it would be good to advertise on here. I love this stuff and I use it daily. It has great color payoff and you get a great amount for what you pay for. It is about the same pricing as M.A.C. and it is just as good. They don’t have eyeliners (bummer) or foundation, but foundation is coming in August!!!! I highly recommend this brand and I want it to sell in stores. You should def. check it out here:!

     -IMATS TIME! I am super excited!! I am going to the IMATS show in California June 23 and 24. I am mega excited. for those of you who don’t know what that is, its: The International Makeup Artist Trade Show, and every thing there is at a reduced price. I am going to get a Zuca bag there are reduced to $220 and that is great considering that they are usually like $300. And a Makeup Forever booth is there every year for 40% off! Whoo!

     ~P.S. I might do a giveaway. If you want to win, just post a suggestion for a video like I mentioned earlier and also say something you really want (makeup). It has to be $15 or less. Its not international, sorry ):, also ask your parents if you are under 18. I don’t want them to freak.


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