My Haul!!

Hey Guys!  I have gotten some amazing products to share with you today! I have been shopping a few times over the past 2 or 3 weeks and I just want to let you see what I got. Before your like “OH WOW she’s spoiled” I bought all of this with my own money from Christmas and my odd jobs. I am NOT trying to brag. Anyway, on to my stuff. I will be doing a clothing haul soon and a guide on where to get cheap chic clothes. Also I may do a giveaway but I don’t have very many people who read this. Actually like 3… *cricket cricket*


This is aquadisiac by M.A.C. In the picture it looks like a bluey-green, actually it’s more of a greeny-yellow. It is a lustre finish ( shiny; undull), and it last a lifetime! Not really just a while because its not an everyday color for a middle-schooler. But, I love this one.


This is Electric Eel from M.A.C. It is a hot blue color it is not as dark as it looks in the picture but it is all together gorgeous. I have blue eyes so this really bring them out. I let my friend borrow it for an event she was doing and then she went and bought herself one! It’s just that good.Oh yeah, and it has a satin finish which is not matte (plain, no shimmer, flat) but not lustre (shimmery, live) either, its right in the middle.


This is Goldenrod from M.A.C. I love this color for summer ( I wear tons of bright stuff for summer because its fun and so is summer). If I do a M.A.C. giveaway this will be in there more than likely. This color l would suggest for brown eyes, green if its more golden.


Wooh! I love this one! This is Omega by M.A.C. I wear this alot, like the-only-eyeshadow-I-have-completely-used-up-and-had-to-buy-a-new-one. I wear it as a base or as a color with a shimmery crease. I have used up one of theses and I’m on my second. I use it for conturing on very fair skin, like my cousin.


This and Omega were my first M.A.C. products ever! It is a very light plain brown, but its also gorgeous! I also love this one and use it in the crease of my eye. I love this one as well.


This is Stars ‘n’ Rockets. Its a lustre purple. I love this one as well and I know I have posted I love this alot but I have to go. SO SORRY BYE!!!


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