Hunger Games and Effie Trinket!!


Holy Cow! I went and saw the Hunger Games on Sunday and It was sooo good. I started reading the book, made it to about page 70, and then went and saw the movie. Pretty weird huh? Well needless to say, you should read the book before you see the movie because if you see the movie first, you will be more than likely, utterly confused. I only read a little but it was enough to understand the first 15 or 20 minutes. READ THE BOOK! I went with my cousin and I had to explain every 5 seconds about like why they had a reaping and stuff. The ending was the best part in my opinion. But here’s a short little review, it was non-stop action. It was also very sad because they had 12 year olds there. And lastly, the makeup throughout the whole movie was fantastic, especially Effie Trinket’s (the girl in the picture). 

     It was always so vivid and matched her outfit and nails. It was very bright and I want to try one of the looks and post it if I can. Also near the end of the movie Katniss was wearing a beautiful turquoise-green eyeliner with a small peacock feather (drawn in eyeliner) at the tip. Well that’s all for now, be expecting a M.A.C haul soon (:


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